Wednesday, July 9, 2014

House Hunting

We're sufficiently at home in Colorado now that we've decided to buy a house. So for the past few weeks we've been out viewing properties with our realtor. We were going to put an offer on one, but the house sold before we could submit the paperwork.The second one went the same way. Finally, we found the third house and submitted our offer. To our great delight, it was accepted. So in a few months we will be happy homeowners once again.

The new house is small and perfect for us. It's brand new, which will be a welcome change from the nearly 100 year old home in Pennsylvania. It has a tiny yard, so it'll be low maintenance, and a loft space that's perfect for a library. The only thing it lacks is a view of the mountains, but we couldn't afford any of the places with such a view. 

I think that packing up the apartment will be a lot easier than packing up our house in Pennsylvania. After all, the house contained twenty years worth of accumulated stuff. Of course, I still have several bookcases of books to pack, but at least I won't have to sort them first. Right now, we only own things that we need and love. It was liberating to get rid of all the junk, and I'm determined that we will NOT fill the new house with new purchases unless they are seriously considered. We'll see how that goes.