Friday, July 13, 2012

Cleaning, packing, landscaping and painting

I never want to see another paint brush for as long as I live. I've painted four rooms in the past few weeks. Enough is enough.

Tomorrow the house is going on the market, and I will finally be able to hang up the renovating apron. Then there's just the challenge of keeping the house clean and tidy for prospective buyers. I have threatened everyone with the prospect of being killed and buried in the back yard if they so much as think of making a mess.

We're still not sure where we're moving to, although we are actually going to scout out Colorado in a week. People have been giving me odd looks when I said we've never been to Colorado, although we fully intend to move there. Heck, we hadn't visited Pennsylvania when we moved here, twenty years ago. So we're just following our usual pattern.

To keep myself sane I've been reading Bram Stoker. I re-read Dracula, then the Lady in the Shroud, and now I'm on Lair of the White Worm.

One good thing about all this mindless work: it seems to be stimulating my imagination. I have two short stories in my mind, just waiting to pour out.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Colorado ho!

We're moving, hopefully to Colorado. Although we may end up in San Francisco, which wouldn't be a bad thing, as I love that city. It's just super expensive, and I prefer to keep my money to myself.

The list of "things to do" is a bit overwhelming. Paint the house (inside and out), re-landscape the garden, fix up the basement (which was flooded when the hurricane came through), make sure everything is neat and tidy for prospective buyers. Get rid of 20 years of accumulated junk.  The mind boggles.

I ordered boxes already, and I am looking into getting a storage unit to store some clutter. The house has to be ready for sale by mid June, as we want to move at the end of September. This is a non-negotiable date: it's when my husbands work contract is up and he needs to move on to another job. I'm really just hoping that everything works out as regards timing for this move.

Fortunately my daughter is home now until September, so she has offered to help as much as possible. Today we meet the realtor again to get an estimate of what the house will sell for. It's like climbing a mountain, you have to just concentrate on the next step, or it will become overwhelming and you'll never get to the summit.

Wish me luck!