Thursday, January 4, 2007

Enlightenment and Multiverse Theory

Quantum theory can be difficult, yet it's fascinating. I see the essential truth contained within it all, and it makes perfect sense to me.
For instance, take Quantum Theory, and the nature of a Creator.
It is theorised that one can, in fact, create a Universe in a lab. Yet, after one has created that Universe, the Universe essentially "splits off" from the Creator's Universe. It becomes something that the Creator can observe, but not influence.

Which is pretty much the conclusion I had come to about "God", speaking purely in a omniscient diety way. Even if there WAS an omniscient creator, he/she sure as hell wasn't interested in interfering in the World. Quantum theory just took it a step further. Perhaps the Creator wasn't only not interested, but not able to interfere? Perhaps the Creator was off on his/her lunch break?

I had always felt that prayers were just "answered" by pure chance, or the hard work of the people involved. Faith is, after all, a purely subjective thing.

So, the conclusion that I have come to is that if there IS a Creator, he/she is not involved in our Universe. There is no Heaven, or Hell, in the traditional sense. No Satan to tempt us from our paths of righteousness. Sin stems from the minds of people, and is thus also subjective.

Good and Evil, on the other hand, DO exist. But that's the subject for another post.

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